Divide Table Row 

This script is to enable in InDesign to deal with page breaks within tables as easily as we do this in MS Word

So DivideTableRow enables to split a table row so that it begins at the bottom of a page and continues at the top of the next one. Of course this process is reversible at will. The script also enables to unmerge merged cells (again to allow page breaks) while preventing appearance of new unwanted horizontal borders between cells. And also studied the issue of table rows with alternating fill, whose logical pattern is broken when a table style is applied after a row was divided, so he added to his script a functionality to restore the logical color alternance by applying the same color to the divided row on both sides of the page break. The script works as well when a table is spread on several text frames/columns on the same page instead of several pages, and warns you in case of text overflow. The demo video on Youtube shows in details the functionalities https://youtu.be/MyyR_jM57Zc (no sound since all comments are displayed in bubbles during the video), so does the pdf manual https://www.dropbox.com/s/mvtaoum8a78unlb

The 04/26/2021 script update is about cases where some table rows are so high that they don’t fit in a single page https://youtu.be/nNjRJhxa5ZA

Update 02 November 2021:
= Suddenly a table appeared in which there were drop caps in the text of the cells.
Previous version repeated these drop caps in separated cells, which, of course, is incorrect.
In version 02.11.2021, this has been fixed:
- the drop cap goes to a new cell, it is no longer in the remaining text.
- when combining cells, the drop cap is not lost.

= Added a checkbox to prohibit the transfer of the last word of the cell --- "Do not hyphenate the last word"

= Improved processing of texts read from right to left (ivrit).

Update 04 June 2023:
Added a check - whether the text in the separated cells matches the text before the division.
If there is a mismatch, a message is displayed:

"Unknown problem of table row splitting: text in separated cells is not the same as text of the whole cell.
You need to compare text in the cells. One of the problem cells is selected. Type 'OK' button to continue processing.
Before to dive into this problem try to restore this table line and split it again. Most likely, this situation will not happen."

Update 22 September 2023:
The reason why the cell text could be divided incorrectly was found out (test 04.06.2023).
The error has been fixed, but the check is left. Just in case.

Last update 14 October 2023, use this version instead 22.Sent.2023.


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 Program manuals:  Russian  English  Spanish

I appreciate Santiago Oviedo (Argentina) for translation English manual to Spanish language.




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Users about script Divide Table Row

Iván Gómez S. [PROFEIVAN]

Hi Mikhail
Here's the video. Hope it helps. I added English subtitles. Feel free to share.
Cómo dividir celdas en indesign - Script   https://youtu.be/TJ4ydFASgEs



Laurent Tournier

Hi Mikhail,

This last version works perfectly.
I am going to play with and translate it.


Marcos Melquíades

Thanks, Mikhail!
It works perfectly!
I'm very happy to use this script. It helps a lot.

I told you I'd give feedback.
I used the script in many documents with different tables and it worked perfectly.
Thank you so much for this great job.

Raphaël Freeman MISTD

I would love to test this out with ltr and rtl.
I do a lot of work with English and Hebrew and Hebrew and Judeo Arabic, and this software would be perfect for me.

So I started to play.
The first table where Hebrew had to be split, it messed up badly on the Hebrew paragraph.
(It didn’t happen in other tables where the Hebrew had to be split).

The second table, all the Hebrew was able to be moved to the previous page, so it worked nicely.
Several tables later, it split the Hebrew correctly, but didn’t do the full justify.
So it might just be that very first table that the Hebrew was messed up.
In a later table, I had numbered lists. It didn’t correctly deal with the list in either English nor Hebrew.

Even though this script is slow and messes up the Hebrew sometimes,
it’s still worth it for me and I will purchase it.
(I can always manually fix the Hebrew which I will have to do anyway!)

Santiago Oviedo

It seemed to me that your script was perfect, but this latest improvement has made it spectacular.

Hi, Mikhail.
Magnificent! You are a genius!
Not too intuitive and perhaps a bit complicated for someone. But it cannot be otherwise, because that work with table 7 is not easy at all.
I don't want to wonder what it would be like to have to do something like that manually.
I hope there is not a lack of many potential interested in the script, because it is really worth it.

Your script never ceases to amaze me. Excellent work.