Sentence Selection (free script)

 InDesign has a lot of options to select text:

= Select one word: Double-click word

= Select one line: Triple-click line (depending on Text preferences setting)

= Select to beginning of paragraph: (Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow)

= Select to end of paragraph: (Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow)

and so on.

But there’s no way of selecting text one sentence at a time.

 This free program is for such action.!N9YAGBrB!vnLJQwktRIlPGGpPwjbxzCXyKCR2NwWRHwgdRMYZV9E

 Let's agree that a sentence is a part of a paragraph that begins with a capital letter and ends with one of the punctuation marks: a dot, a question mark, an exclamation mark, an ellipsis, or a semicolon.

 Place cursor in text, run script, and sentence will be highlighted.

The program highlights sentences in the text, footnotes, and table cells.

For convenience, you can assign a hotkey to this script: