Measurements and Explanations

Educational material (PDF files and scripts) about the ratios of printing sizes

The printing industry has its own units of measurement,
and there are proven size ratios that have come from the experience of a hot set,
at which the layout of the book looks harmonious.
This is a set of files in order to know and use printing units,
as well as to understand the boundaries of their mutual changes.

So here is a set of explanations of different size options, and scripts for each explanation:
1. Measure - pint size - leading
2. Proportions of a text line
3. Proportions of page margins
4. Text of different sizes

Archive with programs is here:!Z9ZUHJIJ!cBIVavp5VHW_yyUVTZ91l7Mk_J7Fq5ca35Aw__ORzow

All materials are free, because the layout making should be a joy, not a burden.
But in order for this to be the case, it is necessary to understand the size ratios.
And here is not only an explanation for you, but also programs to apply in your work.
Even if you are well versed in all layout issues, the presence of these scripts will help you do the work faster.

Please, tell your colleagues about these scripts.