Music Of Headers

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This program allows you to always have top/bottom spaces of the right proportion in the headers in the text aligned on the grid. Yes, the absolute values of paragraph margins for one-, two -, three-line headings will not match. But their proportions will be preserved, the design rhythm of the text lines will be kept. The music of the text headers will be flawless. How it should be in according to the book “The Elements of Typographic Style” by Robert Bringhurst.

There are four scripts in this collection:

HarmonySpaceTop&BottomHeader.jsx - program for control top/bottom space of header in basealigned text.

HeadersSpacing.jsx - script for control space between seperate headers
    and top/bottom space of group selected headers.

Collect Groups&Styles.jsx - script is for transfer a group of paragraph styles to another file.

SpecialChangeParaStyle.jsx - the program searches for paragraphs in the story or in the file
    that are decorated with a certain paragraph style and replaces this style with another one.


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