Scripts with seven language interface!

Over the past years, many programs have been made that make layout a pleasure, but they all have a Russian interface.

And in 2021, I decided to make them with a choice of language.

The translation of terms is an automatic google translation, but it can all be corrected.

The main thing is that these convenient programs can be used by designers who do not know Russian.

The first program in this multi-language series is the script for dividing a table row in InDesign: Divide Table Row.

The second program is for control top/bottom space of headers in aligned to grid text:  Music Of Headers.

It has English interface only.


If due to the sanctions imposed on Russia you could not buy these programs with VISA or MasterCard,
try the option
Information about this payment system in the item Purchasing.

Now it is possible to buy the programs using PayPal. Use it if the MasterCard payment fails.
For details, see